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GSI Material Handling Systems

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Farm Grain Storage System

Sweeps and Power Heads

Standard bin sweeps, direct drive sweep augers, commercial unloaders, series II commercial sweeps, bin wells, and power heads from GSI.

4.00" Corrugated Wide Series Farm Bins

Portable Augers

GSI offers several portable augering systems including center drive, top drive and swing-away models.

Farm-Com Grain Storage Bins

Bucket Elevators and Chain Elevators

GSI manufacturers a large selection of heavy-duty bucket elevator and conveying equipment for installations small and large.

Commercial Storage Bins/Silos

Chain Loop Delivery

GSI manufacturers a large selection of heavy-duty bucket elevator and conveying equipment for installations small and large.

Commercial Grain Hopper Tanks

Flex-Flo™ Delivery

Distributing grain cleanly and efficiently is the specific function of GSI's Flex-Flo™ Auger System.

Inline Centrifugal Fans

Bucket Elevator Swing Away Augers

Bucket Elevator Swing Away Augers are available in standard and low profile models up to 8000 bph (204 mth).


Hutchinson Mayrath Material Handling Systems

Sweeps and Power Heads

The unique back-up shield and torque tube combination adjusts for close floor clearance to maximize bin cleanup. It removes the grain in one or two revolutions, eliminating the need for an electrical swivel connector. A rubber disc wheel follows the bin perimeter on the sweep end, providing a forward movement and preventing sweep flight contact with the floor. An intermediate bearing stabilizes the sweep flight on 30' (and larger) bins.

Portable Auger

When quality counts, Huchinson delivers with the most impressive collection of operating and construction features available on any portable grain auger today.

Vane-Axial Heater

Belt Conveyors

Higher Volume. Steeper Inclines. Less Damage.

Chi-Town Style Heaters

En-Masse Conveyors

The MASS-TER MOVER™ line is Hutchinson’s answer to “en masse” conveying systems. You get top performance, long life and reliability with minimum maintenance engineered into each component.




Downwind Centrigugal Heater

Grain Pumps

The innovative Hutchinson Grain Pump™ lets you move grain with gentle efficiency and at high capacities. It requires less horsepower than air systems and Hutchinson’s en masse (grain-moving-grain) concept causes less damage to grain and needs less maintenance than traditional conveying systems.

The secret is Hutchinson’s unique UHMW paddle, designed to keep your grain flowing gently and evenly from inlet to discharge.

These round, plastic paddles are spaced every 13", taking the place of traditional auger flighting. These paddles are notched to go around corners. Grain Pump™ owners have found a reduction in grain damage when compared to traditional conveying systems.

The closed-loop design offers the versatility to create a complete load-in/load-out system that also provides recirculation capabilities. One or more bins can be unloaded at a time into the loop. Reduced drying costs can be achieved with this innovative system by blending higher moisture and dried grain from one bin to another. Possibilities are nearly unlimited. Install the Grain Pump™ underneath a row of bins (see illustration), or in an existing in-line system, the pump may be angled to pick-up from conventional unload in front. The loop system may provide down-the-road expansion capabilities.



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