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Farm Grain Storage System

Competition 100 Series Dryer

GSI Competitor 100 Series grain dryers offer all the latest technological advancements you would expect from a quality drying system at a very competitive price.

These single fan dryers feature microprocessor based controls with computer assisted operation and automated load and unload capabilities. The Series 100 computer control eliminates 99% of all moving parts in the control box, such as troublesome timers, mechanical relays, thermostats and time delays. Available in 13 models ranging in capacities from 120bph to 1155bph, these dryers are a reliable, system for today's demanding drying applications.


4.00" Corrugated Wide Series Farm Bins

Network Dryers

GSI's Network series grain dryers are available in 1,2,3,4 and 6 fan models and feature one of the most intelligent control systems on the market today. The simplification of GSI's Network series grain dryers and a state-of-the-art control system capable of monitoring a comprehensive set of safety controls and dryer functions puts these dryers truly in a class all their own.

The patented network control system offers computerized control of all dryer functions. Each drying chamber is equipped with temperature high limit controls and air pressure sensors. Fan housing temperature limit, vaporizer temperature limit, metering roll rotation and flame detection are monitored as well. The dryer is equipped with a rear discharge shutdown switch and GSI's exclusive memory monitor allows the last 256 safety shutdowns to be recalled, along with time, date and cause of shutdown.


Farm-Com Grain Storage Bins

Tower Dryers

The GSI Tower dryer design utilizes industry proven drying principles along with many unique features to provide the commercial user with a simple, reliable, fuel efficient grain drying system.

Standard operational features on the Tower dryer include double Maxon gas blocking valves on the gas train, exhaust air temperature sensors, plenum high temperature limits, grain level monitoring, continuous flame monitoring, airflow monitoring and motor overload monitoring. GSI also provides a two year parts and labor warranty on Tower Dryers, one of the best warranties in the industry.


Commercial Storage Bins/Silos

Process Dryers

For large commercial grain drying that requires delicate handling and quality results, look to GSI 's line of quality Process dryers. This dryer is available in a variety of capacities and multi-fuel options and features one of the most modern control systems on the market making it extremely easy to operate.

Certain grains require special treatment. Too much heat can damage a grain and in some cases reduce it's nutritional value. That's why GSI developed it's grain process dryer line. Through the use of internal grain turners, a fully galvanized steel exhaust enclosure to reduce wind effects on drying columns and electronic programmable logic controller ( PLC ), these dryers deliver optimal drying results. Custom dryer layouts are available depending on your particular requirements with a variety of fuel options available including natural or LP gas, oil, or steam.


Commercial Grain Hopper Tanks

Top Dry Systems

Over the years, universities, and farmers alike have repeatedly proven that "in-bin" drying is one of the most efficient methods of drying grain. Top Dry goes one step further by integrating features that allow filling, drying and dumping operations to be run automatically for extreme efficiency. And, because Top Dry is also a storage bin, crops can be stored on site, then sold at a later date for potentially better returns.




Inline Centrifugal Fans

Fans and Heaters

Delicate drying jobs, such as milo, wheat or rape seed require special consideration. Aerating tall hopper tanks can be another challenge. The inline centrifugal fan is designed to handle both these applications effectively. Suited for high static pressures beyond the performance range of vane-axial fans, the inline centrifugal fan offers the same characteristics of a regular centrifugal fan, howver it is much more economical. Sizes range from 1-1/2 HP to 15 HP, 18" through 28" diameters.




Wet Holding Hopper Tanks

Vane-Axial Fans

For applications requiring high airflow at low static pressures, GSI offers vane-axiall fans in 12" dia. (3/4 HP) through 42" dia. (40 HP). The 12" through 28" (15 HP) units feature a 3450 RPM motor for increased fan performance and energy efficiency. Close fan blade tip clearance and stator vanes provide maximum air flow and reduced turbulence ensuring smooth consistent airflow. All 24" and larger vane axial fans include an inlet venturi which funnels air more efficiently into the fan.



1750 RPM Centrifugal Fans

1750 RPM Centrigugal Fans

GSI's 1750 RPM Centrifugal fans are built with a heavy galvanized steel, scroll-type housing and inverted inlet venturi. A non-overloading backward inclined aerofoil wheel provides high airflow with a long motor life. These fans operate at a reduced noise level and are designed to accommodate a variety of gas or electric heaters for use on drying bins where higher capacities are required. Models are available from 5-40 HP with static pressures up to 11". GSI also manufactures a 3500 RPM centrifugal fan designed to operate in static pressures up to 22" and is mostly used with tall tanks or small grains tanks with high resistance to airflow.



Vane-Axial Heater

Vane-Axial Heaters

Whether you're natural air drying or heat drying grain, all GSI drying fans give you the option of adding a heater if the need arises. With capacities up to 2.7 million BTU/hr., our vane axial fan and heater combination provide the best in high capacity grain drying. Vane axial heaters are available in 18" through 28" diameter, liquid propane, propane vapor or natural gas.

Chi-Town Style Heaters

Chi-Town Style Heaters

GSI's "Chi-town" heater is a low to medium temperature grain drying system typically used with GSI's centrifugal fans or the 26" vane axial fan. Capable of .3 to 1.1 million BTU/hr., and available in propane vapor or natural gas, "Chi-town" is perfect for the drying/aeration of rice, corn or other select grains.

Downwind Centrigugal Heater

Downwind Centrifugal Heaters

GSI's downwind centrifugal burner is a high efficiency option to compliment our high capacity centrifugal fans. Specially designed burners are adjustible for uniform heating temperatures with your choice of liquid propane, propane vapor or natural gas. Available for GSI's 1750 RPM (10-40 HP) centrifugal models, the downwind centrifugal burner is capable of capacities up to 4.0 million BTU/hr.

Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters

The GSI electric heater is designed for low temperature drying and air dehumidification. It uses a three-stage, hi-low heat process with capacities up to 18kW. The electric heater is available for use on vane-axial and centrifugal fans and comes in 230 volt or 440 volt. It is ideal for conditioning wheat or other food grains, where low temperature and grain quality are crucial.


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