Hutchinson Mayrath Accessories

Portable Hydraulic Power Unit

Portable PTO driven hydraulic power unit for driving auxiliary equipment

Roll-Away Hopper

The Roll-Away Hopper from Hutchinson is designed for convenience and versatility. For fast and convenient unloading, the Flex Angle allows the incline tube to be adjusted to reach the appropriate discharge height. This enables the Roll-Away Hopper to be used in various applications such as feeding portable augers, cleaners or anything with a high intake or otherwise limited access. Low clearance capabilities allow for easy pickup from horizontal bin unloaders, gravity wagons, hopper bottom semi-trucks or other applications. Wheels for the hopper can be positioned allowing for side to side or forward movement. Special length inclined sections may also be ordered. Also available with the 10 1/2" Low Profile Hopper option.

Vane-Axial Heater

Hydraulic Drive Wheel Kit-Swing Away

  • Wheel kit adapts to either Standard or Low Profile Hopper.
  • Hydraulically driven wheel quickly moves hopper in and out of unloading position.
  • Single pneumatic tire design offers fewer mechanical parts than competitive models.
  • Top-wind jack quickly engages or disengages drive wheel when needed.
  • Hydraulic valve can be located anywhere on swing-away arm for convenient operation.
  • Compatible with virtually any brand swing-away portable auger.
  • Quickly installs with all necessary components included. Models are available for 8, 10, 12, and 13 Swing-Away augers.
  • Includes hydraulic flow control valve and hydraulic hoses.


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